Welcome to Santana Stud Welding!
The metal formwork (structural metal decking) and stud welding specialists. With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured our highly trained experts are committed to providing the highest quality of work.
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Building Trust with Quality Work
Recognised as one of Australia’s leading metal formwork and stud welding specialists, we pride ourselves on dedication to quality. We are committed to providing the best possible outcome to all our clients in the most efficient and effective ways, whilst keeping safety standards at the highest of our priorities.
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Australia Owned and Operated Construction Business
We are influencing the history and geography of Australian construction.
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Santana Stud Welding, a Professional Construction Contractor in Australia

We are a well-known construction company with a focus on permanent metal formwork and stud welding. Our home base is in Unanderra, but we conduct our daily works throughout NSW. Additionally, we have the capability to operate nationwide across Australia.

Our committed management team has extensive knowledge in successfully delivering projects of all sizes, regardless of how complex they may be. Even on the most difficult job sites, Santana Stud Welding has been able to deliver the finest quality service because of constant efficiency improvements and training of the current staff.

Why Choose Us?

We work within engineering and builder’s requirements to ensure projects are delivered as intended. Contact us to bring our significant construction knowledge and project management expertise to your next project.

We provide a complete professional experience, including smooth communication, costing, staffing, on-site management, and consistently reliable, high-quality work.

Commercial Construction

Long Lasting Partnership

Quality Building Material

Reliable Experts’ Team

Our Services

Shear Studwelding

We offer stud welding services of all kinds. Whether it be shear studs, wear studs or threaded studs, we can service your needs.

Permanent Formwork Installation

Our expertise in metal decking installation means that we are able to work on a range of structures. These can consist of structural steel, precast panels, block walls and more.

We are more than happy to assist you with any enquires you may have, contact us to discuss