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Stud Welding Contractor in Sydney

We offer stud Welding services of all kinds. Whether it be shear studs, wear studs or threaded studs, we can service your needs. We offer a mobile service that is capable of operating on any site by ensuring all our machinery is compliant and meets all applicable standards. We also conduct Stud Welding in our workshop, located in Unanderra, NSW.

Qualified Stud Welders

All of our stud welding specialists have received extensive training in the operation of all stud welding equipment and are highly qualified.

Our specialists have undergone thorough training in stud testing to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1554.2:2021.

To guarantee the utmost caution is used during the installation process, operators have also received extensive training in health and safety protocols.


Installing Shear Studs Across the Country

Santana Stud Welding can simultaneously install shear studs on numerous major projects due to a number of crucial characteristics, including:


If there isn’t an appropriate power source on site, Santana Stud Welding can provide generators. For large jobs a generator can be left on site for the duration of our works. In areas where it is impossible to use the current power source, generators are typically deployed as each of the available generators have enough power to support our stud welding machines.

Mobile Truck Units

Santana are able to provide a mobile service which consists of a generator and stud welding machine that are located on the back of trucks, allowing us to tend to jobs with minimal set up and maximum efficiency.

Quality and compatibility of equipment

Our Stud Welding machines require massive power which is rarely supplied by sites. Supplying our own heavy generators that are capable of handling power requirements for our machinery means stud welding works are able to be carried out fully Independently.

Quality control

Santana Stud Welding has created a quality control system that includes routinely supervising stud welding employees, testing studs, and putting Health & Safety regulations into action on the job site. All supplied studs comply with current Australian standards.